Chick-fil-A employee defends Deaf customers from rude co-workers

Two Deaf customers went to a Chick-fil-A in Hampton, Georgia recently and said they noticed something off about employees, that they seemed to be talking negatively about them behind their back. 

Later, a staff member named Shanelle wrote a note to inform them that she confronted two co-workers for talking about them because they were Deaf. 

[Image of handwritten note on a Chick-fil-A napkin. It says, “I had to get onto a couple of my coworkers for talking about you all because you all are deaf and it discusted (sic) me. You all are beautiful people! Enjoy your day!” (heart shape)] 

The two Deaf people’s names are DeMarco Pittman and Janeth Barahona. DeMarco is a personal trainer and Janeth is his client. They went to eat after a workout.

The two sent a video to The Daily Moth to explain more. 

DeMarco Pittman: I already knew because I could read their lips. Then a young woman actually came. She was maybe 19 or 20 years old. God bless her. She gave the note. I could see her shocked face, she was like, wow, I can’t believe this. When I got it, I wasn’t surprised as I’ve experienced this often. I was really grateful for her honesty. 

Janeth Barahona: I didn’t realize… I can hear some, but I didn’t realize they would talk bad behind my back. Wow. I want to thank Shanelle… I am impressed that she was inspired by deaf people and that she thinks we are beautiful. I want to thank her and give her something, a surprise maybe. 

Alex: Thank you for sharing. It’s certainly a negative experience for the two, but they have applauded Shanelle for not hiding what happened.