April 11 News Briefs


Here are four top news briefs. 

The first — yesterday there was a gas explosion in Durham, North Carolina that killed one person and caused a building to collapse. 17 people were injured. 

Police said a contractor was boring under the sidewalk and hit a gas line, causing a leak that led to the explosion. 

The second news — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won a fifth term after their elections, despite him facing three corruption indictments. 

Netanyahu will be Israel’s longest-ever leader this summer. He has a strong relationship with U.S. President Trump, who called him to congratulate on his victory. 

Trump tweeted an image of Trump flags being waved at a Netanyahu victory celebration. 

The third news — Attorney General Barr told the Senate yesterday that he thinks the FBI, during the Obama administration, spied on the Trump campaign in 2016. He said the question was if there were appropriate reasons for the spying. 

Barr said that he would review the origins of the Department of Justice’s Russia investigation to check on if there was abuse of government power. 

The fourth news — a former White House counsel to Barack Obama, Gregory Craig, was indicted on federal criminal charges of lying and hiding information about his lobbying work for the Ukrainian government in 2012. This case was referred by the Mueller investigation and is related with Paul Manafort’s case. 

Craig’s work with Ukraine happened two years after he left the Obama administration.