45 Rattlesnakes Removed From Under Texas Home


A home in north Texas had 45 rattlesnakes removed from under the home. 

A professional snake removal company, Big Country Snake Removal, posted a viral Facebook video of a worker using an extended tong to pull the snakes who were in different places in the home’s crawl space. 

The snakes were in different places around the home’s foundations. Some of them showed their fangs when they were removed. News articles said there was a lot of hissing and rattling sounds and you could see rattles moving furiously. 

The company said the homeowner had a very well kept yard and their home was very nice and clean, but that rattlesnakes don’t care about how nice your house is or what kind of car you drive because they care simply about survival. 

The snakes were placed in two large plastic totes and one plastic bucket. The company said they would be relocated to a place away from humans and livestock so they can be studied.